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How To Interpret the Trend Report Print or save as PDF

The Trend Report provides you with the ability to:

  • ANALYSE changes between different surveys
  • MEASURE the impact of policy or practise changes over time
  • EXPLORE how different populations (e.g., by year or sex) contribute to the overall trend

How To Interpret the Trend ReportTrend report tile example

For each measure, a chart will display the following:  

  • displays the values for each survey snapshot and the difference between them;
  • shows a line graph of the most recent survey results;
  • allows you to hover your cursor over any point to view the exact value of that survey; and
  • features a NSW Govt or replica school norm for comparison.

*NSW Govt Norms are based on the data from Term 1 of the first year the measure was included.

*The replica school comparison is based on all data from Snapshot 1 2015 and Snapshot 1 2016, to reflect a
‘rolling’ replica line. Advocacy at School, Happiness, Optimism, Academic Self-concept are based on Snapshot 1 2016 data only. Intellectual Engagement composite, Rigour, and Growth Orientation are based on Snapshot 1 2018.


You can change the information within the charts through the following options:

 Compare, sort, refine, and Export the trend reports


You can click on any trend chart to explore how different population groups (e.g., year or sex) contribute to the trend.


Close up of drill down functions


* Example trend report for a school’s female population.