How To Interpret the Trend Report


The Trend Report provides you with the ability to:

  • ANALYSE changes between different surveys
  • MEASURE the impact of policy or practise changes over time
  • EXPLORE how different populations (e.g., by year or sex) contribute to the overall trend


How To Interpret the Trend Report

For each measure, a chart will display the following:




 *NSW Govt Norms are based on the data from Term 1 of the first year the measure was included.

*The replica school comparison is based on all data from Snapshot 1 2015 and Snapshot 1 2016, to reflect a
‘rolling’ replica line. Advocacy at School, Happiness, Optimism, Academic Self-concept are based on Snapshot 1 2016 data only. Intellectual Engagement composite, Rigour, and Growth Orientation are based on Snapshot 1 2018.


You can change the information within the charts through the following options:



You can click on any trend chart to explore how different population groups (e.g., year or sex) contribute to the trend.




* Example trend report for a school’s female population.