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Guide 8. How to Monitor progress of your survey window Print or save as PDF

  1. Survey progress can be monitored within the TTFM portal, under the My Surveys tab, and by selecting 'Monitor Progress'.

  2. The Monitor Progress dashboard provides an overview of the current survey snapshot progress that can easily identify student participation rates.

  3. Monitor Progress shows the current open survey, snapshot 1 (terms 1 and 2) or snapshot 2 (terms 3 and 4) in the school year, date the survey started, maximum survey-takers (which refers to the total number of logins), how many participants have completed and the current response rate. This is a live count that updates as participants complete the survey. 

  4. Please note that the response rate is not referenced in the reports. This is a quick reference tool for school-level convenience only. 

  5. Should you require additional usernames and passwords, please contact The Learning Bar via You may also wish to watch our short video titled ‘Survey Taker Usernames and Passwords.