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Guide 7. How to Access the TTFM Survey Print or save as PDF

  1. Students access the TTFM survey via our website and by entering the username and password that has been allocated to them, from the Survey-Taker List and Passwords found within the TTFM portal.

  2. It is worthwhile ensuring students that the survey is confidential and secure and that they can skip questions or stop if they wish. The only questions that cannot be skipped are those relating to the year group and for secondary students, which subjects they are studying.

  3. Students then click on ‘Begin Survey’ and will be taken to the first question.

  4. We are often asked what happens if there’s an interruption e.g the computer times out or the lesson ends. In the event of this occurring, the system will save where the student was up to, so when they log in again (using the same username and password) they can pick up where they left off. If they are unable to complete the survey, the data from where they got up to will still be captured and counted. 

  5. As a tip: we advise the students to hold onto their logins until after they have completed the survey.

  6. To prepare your students in advance, you may wish to utilise the PowerPoint presentation ‘TTFM Pre-Survey PowerPoint’ in our Knowledge Base. There are also FAQ sheets available in the Knowledge Base which can be distributed to your staff. There is also a resource developed to support survey accessibility for students with low vision, low literacy, using: Text to voice and Colour changes.