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Guide 5. Survey Taker Usernames and Passwords, SS1, terms 1 & 2 Print or save as PDF


  1. Survey Taker Usernames and Passwords are the login details used to participate in our TTFM Surveys. Access to these logins is via our TTFM portal

  2. Under ‘My Surveys’, select ‘Survey-Taker List and Passwords’

  3. You will notice the drop-down box which shows the survey that your school is currently undertaking. This will look different to your screen as this is our school set up for demonstration purposes.

  4. Press submit and the usernames and passwords will display. For your convenience, we offer the option to download the list in Excel format.

  5. For Snapshot 1 in terms 1 and 2, usernames and passwords are linked to students' SRN and email addresses. The list shown here on your screen will show a unique username and password for each individual student and it’s important that the login given matches the student.

  6. This provides participants with the ability to resume progress if they are unable to complete it within a single session. A unique login for each participant, allows administrators to monitor progress and survey completion.

  7. You may also wish to view our short video titled ‘Accessing the TTFM Survey’ which is available with our other 'How To' guides located in our 'Knowledge Base' under the new 'How To Short Video Guides.

  8. You will see our 'New How To Short Video Guides' and also the text versions if you prefer. 

  9. At any time, if you need additional survey participant accounts, please contact Helpdesk to request them. Thank you.