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Guide 2. How to Add Reactivate Transfer Members Print or save as PDF


1. To add, reactivate or transfer members in the TTFM profile, login to the TTFM portal


2. Go to ‘My Admin’ and select Add/Reactivate/Transfer Members


3. To help manage the members, use the options outlined in the legend in the top toolbar


4. To add a new member to your school profile, click on the green member icon, and fill in the new member details (Email address, First Name, Last Name and Language). Choose a role - mainly ‘Principal or School Coordinator’, then add your staff details: Email address, First Name, Last Name , Language and then press submit. The new member will then appear in the ‘Active Members’ box, and an email will be sent to the new user, inviting them to login and access the portal.


5. Should there be a member listed in the ‘Report-Only Access’ box that you would like to have listed as ‘Active’, click on the green icon next to their name to reactivate their profile. Alternatively, click on the grey icon to deactivate this role if the staff member is no longer required to have access.


6. Please note that there should only be one Principal listed in your school.


7. For further information on the roles of each member, there are articles in the TTFM Knowledge Base within the ‘Getting started’ section. Under the heading ‘Account information’ select TTFM Account Roles and Permissions.


For further information, please contact us via email