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Guide 4. How to Set-Up Your Survey (Snapshot 2) Print or save as PDF


  1. Click on the ‘setup’ option on the homepage. All surveys available to you will be listed.
  2. Click on an option to see a description of that survey, and its intended audience.
  3. Click ‘next’ to proceed.
  4. The schedule is the window of time that your school has to survey, and is usually standardised across all schools.
  5. After the survey window completion and when the survey is closed, you will receive reports based on the results of that window. This space may appear blank based on the settings for your school. Simply click ‘next’ to proceed.
  6. Depending on the survey you are using, you may have the option to add custom questions for your school. Adding custom questions is a chance to capture information that isn’t already included in the standard survey. 
  7. You can ask two types of questions: Open Ended Questions (OEQ) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). On some surveys, there will be a standard OEQ used by all schools. You can add one or more questions of your own here. 
  8. OEQ will show up as text boxes where participants can type a response. When a survey is done, all responses are reported back to the school. If your school has added OEQ in the past, you can see the list of those previous questions. You can also view a list of sample questions. Once you have filled in your questions click ‘next’ to proceed. 
  9. MCQ allows you to ask participants a question and create a list of responses that they can answer from. You can choose if responders can select either one response, or multiple responses, when answering. 
  10. To create your own question, you need to fill out the detail that you want the survey participant to see, and also how the title and labels for the question will appear in the reports. 
  11. A powerful advantage of using a single-answer MCQ is that you can use that question to drill down on other measures in your reports. This allows you to compare the reports between distinct populations of students within your school. Once you have filled in your questions click ‘next’ to proceed. 
  12. In this step, you can choose how many participants you expect will take the survey, and depending on what type of survey, what grade or year level they are from. Because it can often be difficult to predict the exact number of participants that will take the survey, we recommend that you select the maximum number that might participate so that you don’t run out of accounts. Click ‘next’ to proceed. 
  13. The final step is to review all the choices that you have made, and the questions you have entered. Take a careful look, and make sure that everything is accurate and you are satisfied with the details. If you decide that you would like to come back and change things at a later time, you can save your progress, you can pick up where you left off by clicking the ‘setup’ option on the homepage. If you’d like to delete the survey you’ve set up, and start again at another time, click ‘delete’. If you are satisfied with all of the details click the ‘activate’ button to complete the setup. 
  14. Your school survey is set up, and you’re ready to invite people to participate.